Exclusive details on Michael Jackson’s new tour

03.19.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/Joel Ryan

Michael Jackson in Paris? C’est possible. Munich?  Wilkommen!

Hitfix just interviewed AEG Live president/CEO Randy Phllips, the man behind Michael Jackson’s comeback slated for this summer at the O2 Arena in London and he told us the London shows might not be the end. As previously reported,  Jackson sold out 750,000 tickets for 50 shows.

 “We could have done 200 shows if he was willing to live in London for two years,” Phillips says.

 Phillips also cleared up something for us-sort of. In his very, very brief appearance at his own March 5 concert announcement (thanks for showing up, MJ), Jackson said “These will be my final show performances in London,” leaving unanswered questions as to whether the U.K. concerts were his last shows ever or just his last shows in London.

 “What he meant was London,” Phillips tells Hitfix. “The truth is our deal is in phases and the only phase he’s agreed to is London. It’s very possible there are other cities. We call it his Capital Market Residency.”

Choreographer Kenny Ortega of “Dirty Dancing” or “High School Musical” fame, depending upon how old you are, is working with Jackson on the show.

 Although many folks have their doubts that Jackson will make it to the stage on time-British bookies are even taking bets-Phillips told The Daily Telegraph in the U.K., “”If Mike gets too nervous to go on, I’ll throw him over my shoulder and carry him on stage. He’s light enough.”

 And just a little bit of extra minutiae, the tour’s tagline, “This is It,” came from Jackson himself. “I said, ‘Mikey, that’s perfect. This is the place to be’,” Phillips says. And yes, he admitted, he does call Jackson “Mikey.”

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