First Look: Mickey Rourke is Whiplash in ‘Iron Man 2’

06.09.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios

“Iron Man 2” is deep into production and while hints of the highly anticipated sequel have appeared in paparazzi shots here and there, Paramount and Marvel Studios have finally released a new image from the film.

Debuting in USA Today we find Iron Man’s new nemesis: Whiplash.  Played by Mickey “don’t call it a comeback” Rourke, who received a best actor nomination last winter for his role in “The Wrestler,” Whiplash is really Ivan Vanko, a Russian adversary who sports his own specially powered suit.  Vanko’s innovation?  Besides looking like a rejected UFC fighter, the villain employs energy powered whips at his fingertips.


To find out more about Whiplash, including comments from director Jon Favreau, check out the article in USA Today here.

“Iron Man 2” opens nationwide April 30, 2010.

What do you tink of Whiplash’s look?  Share your thoughts below.

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