Following Lady Antebellum and Sade, the pickings are slim for this week’s new releases

02.15.10 8 years ago

Nelson Antoine/AP

Hopefully you have some Valentine’s Day candy to last you through this week for your excitement because the album pickings are slim. After a few stellar weeks with new releases from Lady Antebellum, Lil Wayne and Sade, the slate slows to a stop this week. Valentine”s Day has become a major sales pivot (look for sales of Michael Buble and Susan Boyle to go up next week), but the week after is low key. Here are a few of the Feb. 16 releases worth cheering about, but none of them will make a dent on the upper reaches of the charts.

Jason Falkner, “I”m OK, You”re OK” (Cobraside): Fans of smart pop love Jason Falkner for a good reason: he writes melodies that embed themselves in your brain and don”t let go. But if you were a Jellyfish fan, Falkner”s brilliant earlier band, you already knew that.

Juliana Hatfield, “Peace & Love” (Ye Olde): Indie rocker”s releases her 11th studio album via her own label. The set is her most acoustic effort yet and is truly a DIY project: Hatfield wrote, performed, produced, engineered and mixed everything herself. In fact, she”s probably at the CD pressing plant right now putting the CDs in the jewel cases.

Madonna, “Revolver” (Warner Bros.): Madonna”s soon-to-be former label just keeps churning out material. This time it”s an 8-song remix project featuring six remixes of “Revolver,” her single with Lil Wayne that went nowhere, plus two versions of “Celebration,” a single that should have done better. Remixers include David Guetta and Paul van Dyk. We know it’s a glorified single, but we wanted to throw in some well-known name here.

Story of the Year, “The Constant” (Epitaph): St. Louis band, and former Vans Warped tour headliner, releases its second album for Epitaph. Hear the rock band”s new album for free before you buy it:

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