Netflix Has Seemingly Edited Kim Kardashian Being Booed Out Of ‘The Roast Of Tom Brady’

As Netflix has been experimenting with live programming, there are some downsides: not everything on live TV can be fit for streaming, so some edits have to be made. Some very out-of-pocket things happen on Live TV.

But in this instance, it seems like the streamer might be rewriting history in order to make it look like Kim Kardashian wasn’t roasted while trying to roast Tom Brady.

Netflix has reportedly uploaded an edited version of The Roast Of Tom Brady, which was broadcast live on the streamer over the weekend and featured a bunch of rich and famous people dunking on a richer and more famous person, Brady.

On the live broadcast, Kardashian was met with a hefty round of boos while at the podium. So much so, that Kevin Hart had to step in and cut them off.

But, when the Roast hit Netflix, the booing was seemingly cut out, and Kardashian goes straight into her (mediocre) jokes.

While neither Netflix nor the Kardashian crew have commented, your parents were right, and the internet is forever, at least when it comes to celebs. Page Six uploaded the unedited bit on YouTube, where it will live forever. Maybe!

(Via EW)