Seth Rogen Pinpoints The Moment Drake Officially Lost The Kendrick Lamar Beef And Marvels At How Crazy The Whole Thing Is

Last night (May 7), Seth Rogen hosted Seth Smokes The Bowl, a Hilarity For Charity benefit event at the Hollywood Bowl. The event featured various performers, and at one point between acts, Rogen shared his take on the ongoing Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef.

Rogen started, “If you’re a rap fan, there’s some crazy sh*t going on right now.” He then gave a broad overview of the situation, summarizing by saying the two are feuding by writing “mean rhymes about each other.” When he got the point of Lamar’s “Not Like Us” and Drake’s “The Heart Part 6,” specifically how Lamar accused Drake of an inappropriate interest in underage women and Drake refuted it, Rogen said, “I would say as soon as you are asserting in a rap song that you should not be a registered sex offender, you’ve lost the rap battle.”

He added, “What’s crazy is these are not, like, personal correspondences: These are songs! These are hit songs! These are No. 1 and 2 on iTunes, like, right now! These are songs the Apple algorithm is telling my mother to listen to while working out.”

He then compared the song to Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” which is famously believed to be about Dave Coulier. After pointing out the relative mystery behind the song’s official, confirmed meaning, Rogen continued, “But now Kendrick is like, ‘F*ck you Drake, you’re a pedophile.’ And these are hit… people are dancing to these songs! Could you imagine going to a club and seeing a room full of people dancing to a song about you being a pedophile? Especially if you were one? I don’t know if he is, but if he was, I assume that’d be a very alarming moment in your life. ‘Oh no, they’re on to me.'”

Check out the clip above.