Jeff Bridges heading into the recording studio after ‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘True Grit’

07.27.10 7 years ago

Jeff Bridges deserves a break.  This year’s Best Actor Oscar winner for “Crazy Heart” is coming off an incredibly busy 24 months.  He’s shot “Heart,” “Men Who Stare at Goats,” “Tron Legacy” and “True Grit” pretty much back to back with an extended and intense awards season campaign thrown in for good measure.  In fact, when this writer spoke to Bridges on the set of “Legacy” last year, months before “Heart” was even confirmed for release in 2009, he spoke of his wife wanting him to take an extended vacation.  That obviously hasn’t happened…yet.

Catching up in an impressive recreation of the End of Line Bar set from “Legacy” during San Diego Comic-Con last week, Bridges admitted the Oscar hoopla put that needed sabbatical on hold, but that he’s not committing to any more movie projects in 2010.  Instead, he’ll continue to publicize “Legacy” when needed and, more intriguingly, head back to the recording studio.  Bridges sang all his own songs in “Heart” and now he confirms to HitFix he’ll reunite with Oscar-winning producer T. Bone Burnett on some of his new tracks.

You can check out the entire interview embedded in this page.  For an interview with Bridge’s co-star, Michael Sheen, click here.  To check out the brand new “Tron Legacy trailer, click here.

“Tron Legacy” opens nationwide in 3-D and IMAX on Dec. 17.

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