Listen: Big Boi’s new single, ‘Shutterbugg’

04.07.10 7 years ago

Here”s just one thing that is so great about Big Boi: he can take a whole mess of genres and influences and combine them in one song that sounds like a cohesive tune instead of just a jumbled mess.

So it is with “Shutterbugg,” the latest track unveiled from his forthcoming solo album, “Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.” No idea when it”s coming out-although the rumor is May 4– but the path has been cleared since Big Boi resolved his legal issues with former label Jive. The new set will come out on Jive Records. Who knows if we”ll ever see another Outkast album, but supposedly Big Boi”s Outkast partner Andre 3000 picked “Shutterbugg” as the new single.

Just listen and the insinuating, bouncing synth line and see if it doesn”t remind you of the Tom Tom Club”s “Genius of Love.” Then the “You”re in my system” chant sounds like something straight out of a classic Barkays” tune. Don”t even get us started on sweet interlude from Soul II Soul”s “Back to Life.” Plus, Big Boi”s elocution and delivery are impressive. It”s by far the best tune we”ve heard from “Left Foot:” it far surpasses “Shine Blockas.”  Scott Storch, who seems to lose his way for a bit there, produced and has clearly regained his touch.

Still, despite our praise, we wish it had a more recognizable hook. There”s no sing-along chorus like Outlast”s “The Way You Make me Feel.” On the other hand, we give it points for being the only song that name checks Gomer Pyle, the Ghetto Boys and Wu-Tang. Plus, major kudos to Big Boi for instinctually knowing that a little autotuning goes a very long way.

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