Listen: The MCP sits down with Chris Morris to discuss the incendiary ‘Four Lions’

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This week, I took the MCP, also known as the Motion/Captured Podcast, on the road.  I drove over to Devin Faraci’s palatial Silverlake estate, purchased with all the piles of money that Tim League drove up to Devin’s house in a dump truck when convincing him to jump ship from CHUD so he could start his new site, Badass Digest.

After wandering around the grounds for a few hours trying to find the house, I was greeted by part of his security team in a Jeep.  It only took a half-hour for them to drive me to the place where Devin wanted to record.  I wanted him to be my guest this week because Chris Morris, the director of my favorite film at Sundance this year, is this week’s featured interview on the show.  How is Devin related to the film “Four Lions”?  Well, Badass Digest is an offshoot of the Alamo Drafthouse, financially and spiritually, and the brand-new Drafthouse Films is the American distributor for the film.  This is their first film as a distributor, and Devin’s involved in pretty much everything over there.  That means he’s about to hit the road on a “Four Lions” tour to help spread the word on the movie.

I wanted to talk to him about his new site, his new role with the Drafthouse, and I wanted to play a round of Movie God with him as well.  Devin turned out to be a particularly cruel Old Testament Movie God, with no mercy at all, and it’s a pretty great round of the game as a result.

The Morris interview is a phoner.  Chris was in the UK, and we’d been trying to connect for several days.  First I got a time zone wrong, then he got a time zone wrong, and finally, they managed to get us on the same page and we finally spoke.  Morris has never been a guy who has enjoyed doing press, so I was hoping for a good, easy conversation.  I think I totally bungled one question, and I hope I didn’t offend him in the process.  After the film’s Sundance premiere, I heard from several people who had trouble with the accents, and later in the year, I heard about at least one screening where there was a print with subtitles on it.  I never thought Tim League and Drafthouse Films would subtitle the film, but I think I gave Morris that impression, and I’m disappointed that I wrapped things up on a weak note with him.  No matter.  He’s a great comic mind, and I strongly encourage you to give him a listen, and to see his film when it opens.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect on the podcast, and you can either get it from the RSS feed (which has already been submitted to iTunes, so it’s just a matter of time until they make it available there, hopefully) or embedded below, where you can also download it.

Intro 00:00 – 3:30

A quick introduction of Devin ‘Water Power’ Faraci and a discussion of his new website, Badass Digest.

On My Mind 3:30 – 9:30

We discuss the current landscape of movie news sites, a favorite topic of Devin’s, and we talk about our mutual friend Paul Prischman, who the new “Alien: Anthology” Blu-ray set is dedicated to, while debating which of the week’s big box sets is the first you should pick up.  We also talk about the way behind-the-scenes documentaries rarely tell the whole story, even 25 years later.

Movie God 9:30 – 20:00

Three rounds of the game in which you are forced to pick which of two titles never existed, striking some classic from the record completely.  I tried to torture Devin, but he turned out to be a gleefully cruel Movie God.

On The Table 20:00 – 30:40

In which we get sidetracked by a new release book on Devin’s table, Jonathan Lethem’s treatise on the John Carpenter classic, “They Live.”  We also discuss the upcoming ‘Four Lions’ tour that Devin’s going to be participating in.

On The Record 30:40 – 54:20

The great Chris Morris calls in from London to discuss his new film ‘Four Lions.”

On The Shelf 54:20 – 1:16:59

This week’s new releases include the “Alien: Anthology” and “Back To The Future” on Blu-ray, along with a ton of other new product, and then we wrap it up in about two seconds.

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