Listen: The Motion/Captured Podcast – Premiere Episode

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Be gentle with me.

Our TV guru and overall resident sardonic wit Dan Fienberg has been podcasting for the last few months with his partner in crime and good friend Alan Sepinwall, and the result has been a genuinely engaging listen.  I’d been talking about doing this for a while, but talking about it and actually doing it are radically different things.

So this weekend, I took the plunge.  I downloaded Audacity, I invited over my good friend and longtime media collaborator Scott Swan, and I recorded and edited a podcast.  A two-hour long podcast.  And it was waaaaaaaaay too much.  We’ve cut it down by over half, and what you’re going to hear (if you care) today is a rough model for what I’ll be doing in the weeks ahead.

If you don’t know Scott, he’s been working with me since I was in high school.  As a writing team, we’ve been award-winning members of the WGAw since 1994, and we’ve worked on stage, on screen, and on television.  You can pick up both seasons of “Masters Of Horror” as well as the one season of “Fear Itself,” all on DVD now.    You can also get Scott’s horror film, “Maskhead,” which he co-directed with Fred “August Underground” Vogel if you’re braver than I am.  He’s pretty much the oldest friend I have in the world, and I figured if I was going to have anyone on as a guest for this first one, it would be him.

I’ve included a brief rundown of what you’ll hear and where it is in the show.

I’m hoping to work out a schedule with Dan and Alan so that we’re not all putting these out on the same day, but I need to get better at it before I promise it at a regular time on a regular day.  For now, we’ll just stick to sometime Wednesday, hopefully.

Intro:  00:00 – 1:30

On The Shelf 1:30 – 22:00

We talk about “The Lord Of The Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy” on Blu-ray, Ralph Bakshi, “Bad Lieutenant,” Wilford Brimley, and much more.

SXSW Roundtable Part I – 22:00 – 39:10

Part I of a four-part interview I conducted at SXSW with Tim League, the screenwriter and director of “A Serbian Film,” and the writer/director and star of “Red White and Blue.”

On The Screen 39:10 – 46:30

We talk about “Date Night,” “The Square,” what’s still in theaters, and what we’ll see for the rest of April.

On The Move 46:30 – 51:00

We talk about “Faster,” “Thor,” and ActionFest.

Wrap-Up 51:00 – 52:39

The first one to post a comment here naming the music I use in the opening and closing of the show will win… something.  I’m not sure what.  Probably one of the DVDs I mention in the “On The Shelf” segment this week.

Looking forward to your feedback, and to getting better at this.  Thanks for being part of the experiment, folks.  As always, you can e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter, where I’m DrewAtHitFix.

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