Oscar 2009: The Envelope panel looks at the Academy Awards

01.26.09 9 years ago

Los Angeles Times

Last Friday, before “Slumdog Millionaire” rolled over the PGA and SAG Awards on its way to Oscar glory, I was part of a panel of The Envelope.com Academy Award prognosticators that also featured The Envelope’s Notes on a Season columnist and Oscar guru Pete Hammond, Hollywood Reporter’s feisty Gold Rush blogger T.L. Stanley, The Envelope’s up and coming Feinberg Files blogger Scott Feinberg  and The Envelope’s Gold Derby blogger, the legendary Tom O’Neil. 

Pleasantly, a frank and entertaining discussion on all the major awards took place.  Two important factoids to consider as you enjoy the commentary.

1. Yes, I completely misspoke when saying the deadline for ballots was only a week to ten days away.  It is, in fact, not until March 17.

2.  I am this close to needing an intervention regarding my current haircut  I’ll just defend myself in saying it looks great head on.  That side angle?  Let’s just say I have more sympathy for Mariah Carey’s antics than I did in the past.

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Picture

Agree? Disagree?  Any hair style suggestions?

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