Recap: ‘True Blood’ – ‘Fresh Blood’

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Now that the people of Hot Shot are were-panthers, and Sookie is a fairy, all that”s left is to discover exactly what kind of witch Holly is, and whether she has anything to do with whatever flavor of demon Jesus might be.

[Full recap of Sunday’s (Aug. 29) “True Blood” after the break…]

Bill storms into Fangtasia — which apparently is never open — and glares at Pam righteously. They fight over Sookie, until Pam maces Bill with silver water. The Estonian dancer springs Sookie from her basement prison and then wraps a silver chain around Pam in a snit of Eastern European blood vendetta. Pam is later freed, but she”s more pissed off than a wet, blood-drinking cat.

OK, apparently Jesus is a demon of the face-painting bone-in-the-nose variety. One mystery solved. Lafayette sees a flash of Jesus as said demon while the two of them are hanging out at Lafayette”s rococo V den of love. Spooked, Lafayette bids Jesus to leave for the evening.

Jason is apparently the only person in Bon Temps who doesn”t think that a girl who can turn into a panther is cool. He was hoping for maybe a garden-variety shoplifting or some such.

Hoyt and Jessica are making up for lost make-out time, with Hoyt repeating how much he just loves that girl, when Jessica volunteers that she killed that trucker. Hoyt responds with a bit of show-writer”s logic: “Drink me.”

Russell finally gets to hear Eric”s righteousness-filled monologue about his plan for getting his Viking revenge on. Eric explains that now that Talbot is dead, the two parties are even. Russell just wants to commence to killing, but Eric quickly offers an alternative: the power of “daywalkin”,” as Russell puts it.

Sookie and Bill are in the car, trying to decide whether to stay together. They love each other, but because they are on television, they cannot trust each other. Bill envisions a future where they share both of their houses, and Sookie is a real estate agent, and … oh, hi, Russell Edgington. Funny seeing you out here on the road. Evening to you too, Eric.

Side note: Sookie”s eyebrows are tragic.

Poor Tara, crying at Egg”s grave like she is. She”s missing work, which leaves only Holly and Arlene tending to the customers at Merlotte”s. Arlene is still interested in Holly”s help in ending her pregnancy, but before they can pursue that track much further, Sam Merlotte comes stomping into the restaurant, insults the customers, verbally abuses Terry and the girls, and goes rummaging for more whiskey on account of how he wants to get tore up. Sam even loses his temper with Tommy and fires him; Tommy begs for forgiveness, but Shape-Shiftin” Sam is now Stone-Cold Sam, and he won”t budge.

Jason Stackhouse is watching his grommet rival practice at the high school football field. It”s clear the grommet has some secret power of his own; perhaps he can shape-shift into Tom Brady.

Poor Summer; turns out, she was scheming with Hoyt”s momma to keep Hoyt away from Jessica. But Mrs. Hoyt insists she has some other ideas for Summer that do not involve offering up her virginity.

Tara has a few things to say to Andy Bellefleur. Over at Merlotte”s, she lets Andy have it.  Andy regrets what happened to Eggs and apologizes, but it isn”t clear whether she”ll forgive. While she”s mulling, she has a few drinks with Sam, with the clear implication that she would like to make some sexy time. And she”s very hot, despite the fact that she”s wearing that lumberjack shirt.

While they”re gittin” it on, Tommy is cracking Sam”s safe.

Holly the Wiccan conducts a ceremony for Arlene out under the skies, using a salt circle and a chorus of whooping crickets. At the suggestion of Holly, Arlene prays to the great mother goddess for support in her decision to end her pregnancy. Holly warns again that her ritual and teas may not work, but blessed be and all that.

Jason has figured out the grommet”s secret: He”s clearly doing V, not shape-shifting into Gisele Bundchen”s husband. He confronts the high-schooler about his illegal activities. Then he goes back to Crystal and tells her how much he loves her and her cube of a head. Crystal insists that she return to Hot Shot to warn the folk within about the impending drug bust.

Lafayette wakes up to find all of his dolls and idols awake and speaking to him like an unholy version of Toy Story. Arlene, meanwhile, is having a flashback when she starts to bleed. Terry is heartbroken, but Arlene is closer to relieved. That is, until they go to the hospital and discover that the baby is still there; it”s a tenacious little thing — perhaps a Klingon.

Back at Fangtasia, Russell, still cradling the goo that was Talbot, is contemplating what might happen if he sucks Sookie dry. Bill appears to side with Eric and Russell in allowing Sookie to be drained. It”s clearly a trick, not that Sookie can see any of that, and she freaks out when Eric and Russell drink of her faerie blood. Eric is then able to walk in sunlight, or so it seems, but he”s really cooking in his own skin. That”s the trick; Russell sees Eric on the security cameras and follows him outside.

Eric quickly handcuffs himself to Russell and vows that they will both die together in the sun.

What’d y’all think of “Fresh Blood”?

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