Report: Jennifer Morrison’s moving out of ‘House’

09.24.09 8 years ago 9 Comments


For the second straight year, FOX’s “House” is going to lose a regular cast member, but unlike with Kal Penn last year, the medical drama hasn’t been able to keep this departure a secret.

According to Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Morrison shot her final scene as a cast regular earlier this week and that Dr. Allison Cameron will be exiting “House” in a November episode. He described the move as “a creative decision on the part of producers.”

Although the character temporarily moved back to the forefront in the final episodes of last season, even marrying Jesse Spencer’s Chase in the Season Five finale, Cameron has been underutilized since she quit House’s service at the end of the third season.

At Television Critics Association press tour this summer, series creator David Share actually told HitFix that Cameron and Chase would play more central roles this season in the aftermath of House’s psychiatric treatment. 

“Because House won’t have his license in the beginning of the year, that throws everything up in the air and Cameron and Chase are going to get more involved, at least at the beginning,” Shore said. Perhaps this reporter should have read more into Shore’s “at the beginning.”

HitFix followed up by asking if there was anything he hoped to do with those characters that maybe he didn’t get to do last season.

“We certainly gave them less screentime. I can’t argue with that,” Shore said. “But I have to say they were empowered and I liked the way their scenes played. I liked  the fact that they were approaching House in a different way. I was enjoying that. Now, going back, we’re going to see them back in there and it was fun, throwing them back in there. But to answer your question, ‘Nothing.'”

Ausiello says that Cameron isn’t going to leave the show in Kutner-esque fashion and that the door will still be open for Morrison to return for later appearances, should the right story come up. In addition, he says that Chase isn’t going anywhere.

Morrison, an original “House” regular, was most recently seen on the big screen as Captain Kirk’s mom in “Star Trek.”

HitFix asked FOX for a comment on Morrison’s reported departure, but so far, no word (or would any statement be expected in a situation of this sort).

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