Taylor Lautner will get ‘Abducted’ by John Singleton

03.26.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

The rest of Taylor Lautner’s 2010 schedule is quickly coming into focus.  It was thought the Hasbro and Universal Pictures action flick “Stretch Armstrong” would be fast tracked to shoot before Lautner’s expected commitment to appear in an expected big screen adaptation of “Breaking Dawn” this fall, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Instead, the Lionsgate thriller “Abduction,” which the studio just acquired the script for last month, is in much closer to rolling before the cameras.

According to Variety, John Singleton will direct the thriller and a July start is in the works.  Lautner is still only attached to project — which means he has not signed a formal contract to star in the picture and could still drop out.  It’s pretty obvious then that Lionsgate is trying to get as many creative elements in place to convince Lautner to move forward.  If the rising star does go with “Abduction” it seems “Amstrong” would have to wait to shoot until early 2011. 

“Abduction’s” storyline centers on a young man who discovers he may not have been raised by his real parents.  It turns out his abduction may all be part of a government conspiracy. One thing leads to another and Lautner’s character ends up chased all over town.

Singleton has been hunting for for a new project since directing the solid performing “Four Brothers” way back in 2005.  He was involved with a big screen version of “The A-Team” for some time, but eventually lost the gig to Joe Carnahan.

And for all those Lautner watchers, production on “Abduction” is expected to take place in the rebate friendly confines of Pittsburgh.

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