The Morning Read (1.28.09)

01.28.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

The truth is that Harry misses me.


That’s the only explanation for the way he responded to my “Green Hornet” follow-up article.  He’s written some elaborate fantasy about me supposedly having “affection” for him.  Short of him smothering himself in Chuy’s creamy guacamole dressing, though, I don’t believe there’s any chance of my giving him looks of longing and desire.

And come on… is anyone surprised that Harry says he’s the one real “Green Hornet” fan out there?  Harry was a fan of every single property that has ever been developed.  That’s who he is.  If they were to announce tomorrow that Edgar Wright is developing a big-budget bigscreen revamp of Buck Henry’s “Quark,” I’m sure Harry would have 28,000 words ready to go on the subtle nuance of Tim Thomerson’s gender-bending character and why he’s always though “Quark” was unappreciated genius.  He’s a big mad ginger.  Look away.

However, his wife is sort of awesome, and I wholeheartedly support the idea of giving Patricia “Yoko” Knowles her own music column on the site.  She’s got her own voice, and her taste is eclectic enough that I think it’ll be worth checking out her recommendations from week to week.  Now let’s hope Rojo gets her a badge for SXSW so she can see a ton of bands and report on them.

Quint’s been busy, with two reviews that are worth your time this morning.  One’s for a Japanese superhero film called “K-20” that I’ve heard nothing about until his impassioned rave, and the other is from last night’s test screening in LA of Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell.

He wasn’t alone.  Other online guys like Latino Review’s El Guapo and Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Rotten were also in attendence, and it seems like everyone liked what they saw.  Considering what a drag (pun intended) the script was, I’m very excited to hear these reactions, and now I have to hope for a genuine no-shit Sam Raimi horror film when the movie’s released in May.  Great news, indeed.

Even if I now think of Glenn Kenny as immeasurably gross thanks to his work in Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” I still think he’s a hell of a read, and his piece over at The Auteur’s Notebook on Joe Losey’s “The Big Night” is a must read today.

Brendon Connelly may be a new-ish addition to the team at /Film, but he’s well-known to anyone who is a Gilliam freak, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s the one who broke the first real details on “The Zero Theorem,” which may star Billy Bob Thornton and be Gilliam’s next film.

Peter Travers broke a confidence, and he’s a douche.  Seriously.  The only reason he ran that is to make himself look cool, and he just burned down a multi-year joke as a result.  Blow me, Travers.

It’s going to have to be a shorter Morning Read today.  I’ve got to make a double feature of both “Coraline” and “The International,” but I’ll have more reviews when I get back.

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