The Morning Read (2.03.09)

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Kind of a late start this morning, thanks to a late night last night, but let’s see what’s out there to read today.

I’ve spoken a little bit with Fuller and Form about the particular difficulties that are inherent to developing a “Nightmare On Elm Street” remake, and when they sat down to chat with Devin Faraci from CHUD, that’s exactly what they discussed.  “Nightmare” is one of the best of the ’80s horror films, smart and freaky and surreal, and it’s the biggest challenge the Platinum Dunes guys have tackled yet, in my opinion.

Are you excited about “Terminator: Salvation”?  Or, at the very least, interested in it?  I sort of wish McG would turn down the “I GET IT! EVERYONE HATES ME! MY NAME IS WACKY! I SWEAR I’M MAKING A GOOD MOVIE!” assault of the last few months and just let the film speak for itself.  I’ve never seen a director of a giant-budget franchise picture like this project such a manic insecurity about himself, and in close quarters, it’s a little overwhelming.  The film itself is certainly ambitious and looks like they’re trying to build a strange new chapter into the mythology established by James Cameron.  WIRED just put up a great article with all sorts of production art that I saw when I visited the set in New Mexico, and if you don’t mind some spoilers, it’s definitely worth a look.

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Did you know John Carpenter’s making a film in May starring Amber Heard?  Me, neither!  It’s called “The Ward,” and The Hollywood Reporter broke the story.

Dean Parisot directed “Galaxy Quest,” and for that reason, I give him some credit.  But he also directed that godawful “Fun With Dick and Jane” remake, and so it scares me that he would be hired to update “Slap Shot,” which is pretty much a perfect version of what it wants to be, and which needs no update at all.

In fact, why don’t you head over to Den Of Geek and check out their list of something like 50 remakes that are being developed at the moment, and tell me how many of these titles need to be done again?

I love BoingBoing.  It’s a strange site to try and describe because of just how broad the scope is of what they’ll post and what they’re interested in, but it is a constantly enjoyable read.  Today, I love the short piece about the 1932 clairvoyance drug.

I wonder if that’s what this kid is on…

The House Next Door ran a great appreciation of the finer points of Terence Stamp.

Ebert’s got a great new piece in which he talks about his own personal return to the habit of reading newspapers.  I never really fetishized the newspaper this way, but I get it when I start talking to people about Kindles and eReaders and the like… for me, the tactile pleasures of a book go far beyond just what’s printed on a page.

And if it’s Tuesday, Glenn Kenny must have up a new edition of the Tuesday Morning Foreign Region DVD Report.  And you must go read it.  I insist.

And on that note, I have a morning meeting I have to run out for, but I’ll be back later with more reviews.

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