‘Twilight’s’ Cam Gigandet and Elijah Wood ‘Experiment’

06.19.09 8 years ago

Two Oscar winners for best actor, Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker, are joining Elijah Wood and an increasingly busy Cam Gigandet in the new indie thriller “The Experiment.”

According to Variety, “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring will direct from his own screenplay adaptation of the critically acclaimed 2001 “Das Experiment” from German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel.  The original movie centered on a group of ordinary men recruited to play guards and prisoners in a research study on group dynamics.  The new version will find Brody as the de facto leader of the prisoners and Whitaker as a guard corrupted by the power he’s bestowed.  It’s unclear wether Gigandet and Wood will play prisoners, guards or researchers in the film.

Gigandet has been using his notoriety from “Twilight” to fill up his slate.  He’s currently shooting the Screen Gems thriller “The Roommate” and will segue to that studios comedy “Easy A.”  He’s also committed to another independent film, “Priest.”

Whitaker will be seen in the upcoming “Where the Wild Things Are” and the long-delayed “Repossession Mambo.”  Brody is currently onscreen in “The Brothers Bloom” and Wood will be the title voice in the Focus Features CG animated adventure “9.”

Hirschbiegel went on to direct the Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig misfire “The Invasion” as well as the drama “Five Minutes of Heaven” which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

“The Experiment” is expected to begin filming in Iowa next month.

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