Vin Diesel and Paul Walker hit the road for a fifth ‘Fast and Furious’

02.04.10 8 years ago

Universal Pictures

Are you ready for another go around with the “Fast and Furious” crew?  The last installment of the franchise was a monster hit making $155 million U.S. and $343 million worldwide.  That was a big jump over the previous “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and was mostly credited to the return of original series stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.  Once the film was screened to audiences almost everyone involved knew another adventure was in the works (if the ending didn’t tease it enough), but now Universal Pictures is finally putting the pedal to the medal.

According to Variety, the latest installment is referred to as “Fast Five” (yes, let’s hope they come up with something better) and the studio has closed deals with Diesel, Walker and director Justin Lin, who helmed the last two “Furious” films, to return.

Little is known about the story except that Dom (Diesel) and former FBI Agent Brian (Walker) are now fugitives again being pursued by “relentless” lawmen.  “Fast and Furious” was set mostly in Los Angeles and the California desert. It’s unclear if “Fast Five” will head to Europe as was rumored around the release of “Fast and Furious.”  The report also did not indicate if any of the other series stars such as Jordana Brewster would return.

“Fast Five” expects to begin shooting before the end of the year in time for a 2011 release.

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