Watch: Brendan Hines and Hayley McFarland talk ‘Lie to Me’

10.03.10 7 years ago

“Lie to Me” returns to FOX to start its third season on Monday (Oct. 4) night at 9 p.m. 

It’s an earlier premiere than planned for the Tim Roth-driven procedural and it puts the show on a different night than FOX originally announced in May, but the hasty cancelation of “Lone Star” also wasn’t part of that schedule. 
FOX turns to “Lie to Me,” knowing that the series is no stranger to succeeding in circumstances other shows might find challenging, whether that includes three showrunners in three seasons or a lengthy midseason hiatus last season leading into a surprisingly strong summer run.
HitFix caught up with Brendan Hines and Hayley McFarland to talk about what’s in store for “Lie to Me” this season, how the new showrunner will impact things and how Roth sets the tone on set.
Check it out…

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