EXCLUSIVE: Jonah Hill tortures John C. Reilly in new clip from ‘Cyrus’

06.09.10 8 years ago

I quite liked “Cyrus” when I saw it at Sundance in January, and the more movies I’ve seen this year, the more I’m convinced that “Cyrus” is something special.

On the surface, the idea of two people locked in a secret antagonistic relationship is an old comedy trope, and John C. Reilly just played a variation on this recently in the Adam McKay film “Step Brothers,” where he was pitted against Will Ferrell.  That was an overtly ridiculous comedy version of the idea, and worked well.  But the Duplass Brothers don’t really do the broad comedy thing.  Their films are frequently funny, but they are also more grounded in simple observation than in trying to build big comedy set pieces.

“Cyrus” feels a lot like a natural extension of what they did in “The Puffy Chair,” and fans of the awkward are going to eat this one up.  Reilly plays a decent guy nursing a broken heart who meets a woman played by the good-god-so-hot Marisa Tomei.  At first, their relationship seems to be going well, but then Reilly follows her home and realizes she has an adult son who still lives with her.  Jonah Hill’s work as Cyrus, the overly-dependent son, is flat-out disturbing at times, exactly as it should be, and as Reilly works to build a new life with this woman he loves, Cyrus works overtime to ruin things.

In the exclusive clip that we have to share with you today, Reilly takes his ex-wife, played by Catherine Keener, to follow Cyrus and his mom so that Keener can size up their relationship.  Reilly is convinced there’s something really wrong with Cyrus, but he doesn’t want to say anything until he gets a second opinion.  They run into Cyrus and his mom in a park, where they’re taking pictures together, and Cyrus immediately realizes that he can use the moment to screw with Reilly.

Which he does.

And which you can now enjoy.

If you like the way this one looks, the movie starts its platform release on Friday June 18, and should roll out fairly wide if things go well.  It’s Fox Searchlight, and if anyone knows how to manage a release like this, it’s them.  I sincerely hope this is a hit for the studio and for the Duplass Brothers.  It’s a memorable movie, and it only further cements the writer/directors as some of the most significant new voices in film.

Here’s my Jonah Hill interview from Sundance.

Here’s my John C. Reilly interview from Sundance.

Here’s my chat with the Duplass Brothers from Sundance.

“Cyrus” opens in limited release June 18.

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