Watch: Lil Wayne’s video for ‘On Fire’

01.08.10 8 years ago

When Lil Wayne”s rock-influenced album “Rebirth” will actually hit streets is anyone”s guess. A number of retailers are no longer offering the oft-delayed album as available on its scheduled Feb. 2 release date and word is it has been pushed to June. However, Lil Wayne”s rep told Billboard that the album”s still a go for Feb. 2.

In the meantime, the video for album track, “On Fire” premiered on MTV today.

The song is built around “She”s On Fire,” from the movie “Scarface,” a favorite among many rappers, and it sounds about as dated as the movie. In fact, it”s amazingly similar to the opening chords of another film relegated to the ’80s time capsule, “Flash Dance.” There”s not much to the song. There”s nothing remotely resembling a catchy hook within several miles.
The video, directed by Chris Robison (not the Black Crowes” dude) is a disjointed mess, including a shot around 3:14 of baby doll heads? Que?  There”s also a shot of a snake, but that”s intercut with Lil Wayne getting a lap dance from the wing-wearing model/slash/girlfriend who meanders into his mansion during the song, so we figure that”s symbolic for a you-know-what because, as the lyrics say, she”s “steaming like a demon.” Nice…
“Rocker” Lil Wayne holds the guitar in several shots, but seldom is seen actually playing it other than eking out a few chords. If this is the best that “Rebirth” has to offer, we can wait until June.

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