Watch: M.I.A. mugs and runs in new videos for ‘XXXO’ and ‘Illygirl’

08.12.10 7 years ago

M.I.A.’s tour schedule has lightened up, so the Interscope artist has had a little more time to put together a pair of new music videos, culled from her new album “Maya.”

All that “XXXO” and “Illygirl” seem to have in common is that they both exclusively feature the songwriter, and they both lack plot.

“XXXO” is like a video version of a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, interspersed with images of Maya’s mug and Maya mugging. 

The blessed day that those “Thank you for adding me” glitter graphics debuted in the comments section of your MySpace profile (remember that?), they effectively became the new version of good old fashioned Valentines, only for every day of the week. So, in a way, this clip is M.I.A.’s long-form Valentine to us. Aw. 

Then, there’s “Illygirl,” a music video that will probably tip that hangover of yours into the Danger Zone. It features M.I.A. running down a highway, and the sickeningly choppy camerawork of the person running after her. That’s all. I looked for a secret message in the mountains, but I only got dizzy and had to sit down for a snack.

And, no redheads were harmed in the making of this video.

M.I.A. only has two overseas stops on her current performance schedule, and she may be looking at paying a fine for one of her latest festival gigs: On Aug. 7, the rapper/singer encouraged her fans to storm the stage during “O Saya” during the Big Chill in the U.K. Organizers are claiming that she breached her contract by endangering attendees, considering hundreds of fans took her up on her offer.

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