Watch: Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges saddle up in ‘True Grit’

12.11.10 7 years ago 3 Comments


You can almost smell the horses in these four clips from the Coen brothers remake of the John Wayne Classic “True Grit.” Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld star together as an unlikely posse, in pursuit of a killer played by Josh Brolin.

Jeff Bridges stars as Rooster Cogburn, a character so different from his Kevin Flynn in “Tron Legacy,” also in theaters this month, it could make your head spin. Matt Damon is LaBoef, a Texas Ranger and Hailee Steinfeld is Mattie Ross, a stubborn young girl who hires Cogburn to chase down Tom Chaney, the man who killed her father.

Drew had the pleasure of seeing it and reviewing it here and I’m looking forward to seeing it soon, in the meantime, check out the four clips embedded below for a taste of each of these characters and see if you’ll want to join the hunt when the movie opens in two weeks.

“True Grit” rides into theaters December 22nd

This ain’t no coon hunt

All I need is your silence

I’m a Texas ranger

Sun was in your Eye

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