Watch: Metric’s ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ song gets angsty music video

06.30.10 7 years ago

Happy “Eclipse” day! This, of course, is the day that “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” heads to theaters across the nation, cancer gets cured, doves fly and Metric releases its music video for “Eclipse (All Yours).”

I’m a fan of the track, and the clip is kind of pandering. I don’t say “but it’s pandering” because I don’t blame the band for making what it’s made.

This appeals squarely to the early teenaged girl crowd, much like Paramore was a perfect fit: it features heavily eyelinered Emily Haines scrawling in her journal high school style, laying around in roots and dirt and stuff, crouching helplessly. The rest of the band strolls along the purported Portland seaside and forests. Visions of Kristen Stewart’s Bella, Robert Pattinson’s Edward and Taylor Lautner’s Jacob flicker on a TV. Drummer Joules Scott Key borrows some skins from Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” photo shoot and then promptly hurdles them down a hill.

It will hopefully propel the band into the greater consciousness as we all sit by and wait for Bella and Edward to just get it on, already.

The “Eclipse” soundtrack came out a few weeks ago and remains in the the Billboard 200 top 10 this week.

“Eclipse (All Yours)”

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