Watch: New ‘Scott Pilgrim’ clip pitts Michael Cera against… Captain America?

06.07.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

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I didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight.  I feel like I did when I read the amazing coverage everyone else at HitFix did for them tonight.  But I did check out some of the footage for upcoming films that was sneaked during the broadcast.

I’ll run that new “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” trailer in a few minutes and talk about my reaction to that, but first… there’s the “Scott Pilgrim” sneak peek.

That new trailer was, I thought, spot on, a perfect way of explaining the story and setting up the style, and I thought it was just plain charming.  But so far, all we’ve seen are trailers, where stuff is cut up super-fast.  I wanted to see some context.

That’s exactly what tonight’s clip provided, too.  Context.

Edgar Wright, consummate hambone, introduced the clip, and I love the “Col. Kurtz in the bunker” vibe to Edgar’s editing room tweets lately.  He’s been cutting this film now for 11 years, nonstop, and he’s almost halfway done.  Or at least that must be what it feels like. 

Looking at the clip tonight, I can understand exactly why the film is such a post-production heavy effort.  It’s not just a world that Wright’s building (a world that looks a lot like Toronto), but an emotional comic book/video game/anime/pop culture language that he expresses visually.  It’s absolutely what he was already doing on “Spaced,” taken one step further, and I think it feels in this one clip like Edgar has made something that is absolutely, no matter what it’s adapted from, his in the way it is told.

Here’s the new clip:

Okay, that’s so good it’s ridiculous.  The ’70s “Warriors”-style music, the stunt team, Kieran Culkin as Wallace, the fight, Cera doing everything, Chris “Captain America” Evans in general, OH MY GOD, right?

Maybe you disagree.  Maybe you don’t buy Cera fighting.  Maybe you think Edgar’s just doing “Batman” from the ’60s.  Maybe you don’t get the premise.  Let me know.  But I’m willing to bet most of you are looking at this footage and seeing what I’m seeing… pure cinema cotton candy bliss.

C’mon, August 13

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