Learn Everything You Need To Hit The Road With The Ten Best Travel Podcasts

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09.17.16 2 Comments
best travel podcasts right now

Averie Woodard, Unsplash

Deciding to set out on the road is never an easy decision to make. Where are you going to find the money to finance your transport? Are you brave enough to risk your life on a real adventure? What if you get robbed?!? Once you’re on the road all of those questions start to fade away. Often the answers are things you couldn’t have dreamt of while still in the comforts of kith and kin.

I’ve been out of America for 13 years, and it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been around the world, or what my country count is. All of that is just peacocking. What matters is that I did it. So, I ask you, what is it that needs to happen to get you on the road? What will it take for you to change your venue? What is holding you back? Or, maybe, it’s just not your thing. Maybe you’re happy just taking a couple days or weeks a year to see someplace awesome. That’s cool too.

Below are some of the best travel podcasts available right now that can help you satiate your wanderlust — whether on your next vacation or starting a whole new life. Have a listen. Live vicariously for an hour or two. And maybe you’ll get inspired too.

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