Understanding The Power Of Instagram Over How And What We Eat

By: 09.15.16

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Social media has become essential to our daily lives. We use it to chase pikachu (pikachi?) on our phones, we use it to order pizza, and we’re using it to find love more than ever before. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that we base a lot of our decisions about what to eat on what we see on our Instagram and Snapchat feeds.

In order to understand how social media affects our dining habits, Zagat dug into what motivates us to go to restaurants or try some trendy food. The survey also asked how we interact with each other and our food via social media. And after interviewing 10,000 people across 26 states it turns out that we love to interact with food online. Not a huge surprise there, right? But it goes deeper.

One of the more interesting findings from the survey is that 60 percent of us browse pics of food on our devices, and 75 percent of those base their decision to frequent an eatery based on online food pics alone. Once we get into the restaurant and order, 44 percent are taking snaps of their food and posting them up. Some populations are more Insta-savvy when it comes to posting their meals — Charleston, S.C., San Diego, and Austin, Texas all ranked the highest (above 50 percent) for people taking time to post photos of their meals. That means anti-Instagram chefs are going to have a hard time getting projects funded, unless they can really tap the anti-tech audience — especially if they live in Honolulu where 91 percent report picking a restaurant based on Instagram alone.

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