This Instagrammer Is Taking Photos Of Every In-Flight Meal He Eats

Airplane food
doesn’t exactly have the best reputation — just ask Anthony Bourdain. But brace yourself, air passengers, there’s a man out there who’s trying to change all of that while offering a glimpse under the tin foil of in-flight meals.

Nikos Loukas has been eating airline food for a long time. So long that he now advises airlines all over the world on their food and service. A new part of Loukas’ adventure into the world of airline fare has been his diligent Instagramming of every meal he eats in the friendly skies.

Loukas takes a snapshot of the meal, gives a brief description of what he got (including price), and whether it was an assault or joy for the ol’ tastebuds. The food up at 35,000 feet ranges massively, and not only by which class you can afford to fly.

Here’s a sampling of the Great:

The good:

The bad:

And the very sad:

Loukas states on his website that the ultimate goal is “to see the fun side of airline meals and blog about our inflight experiences from across the globe.” So we have to ask: which airline has the best meals? According to Loukas, Turkish Airlines has “some of the best in the sky”.

If you’re flying anytime soon and don’t want a big surprise when you peel back that foil, scroll through Loukas’ database of airline in-flight food reviews on his website.

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