The 9 Best Crime Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

03.29.17 4 months ago 6 Comments
best crime movies on netflix right now


Last Updated: March 29th

Netflix has no shortage of great options for movie fans who enjoy a good mystery story, but want a little more substance than the standard Hollywood blow ’em up action flick. So, sit back, put on your detective hat and take in the best crime movies on Netflix streaming right now. Because to pass up these can’t-miss movies would be downright — criminal.

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Hoffa (1992)

With his roles in It’s Always Sunny Philadelphia, Taxi and Throw Mama From the Train, it can be easy to forget just how skilled Danny DeVito is at drama. Regardless of whether he’s in front of the camera or behind it, DeVito knows how to create tension in a scene and pulls this off with mastery as director of Hoffa. Based on the unsolved disappearance of ruthless Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa, played by Jack Nicholson, the violent biopic earned two Oscar wins. Oddly enough, Nicholson’s performance was both trashed and praised by critics at the time, earning him both a Golden Globe and Razzie nomination for best and worst actor. Watch it and judge for yourself which category his portrayal falls belongs in.

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