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Beyond Radiohead: 10 Lesser-Known Acts To Check Out At Bonnaroo

By 06.06.12
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Bonnaroo, the 4th of the HUGE summer music festivals, after Coachella and Jazz Fest but before Lollapalooza, begins tomorrow in Manchester, Tennessee, and ends on Sunday, the 10th. Between then, nearly 200 bands will on either a confusingly named Stage (What and Which) or in an equally baffling Tent (This, That, and The Other). As always, it’s a killer lineup, too: Radiohead, the Beach Boys, Bon Iver, the Shins, Feist, Ben Folds Five, St. Vincent, and many, many more.

But it’s not like we have to tell you to GO SEE RADIOHEAD. What we will try to help you with, however, is giving you recommendations of 10 lesser known groups, who aren’t performing on either of the Stages, to go see. Or if you can’t make it to the hills, watch on the livestream.

Also, as ever: please no Skrillex.

Thursday, 4:15-5:15
The Other Tent

Perfect for fans of: Patti Smith, but wished she rapped a little

Laura Marling
Friday, 3:30-4:30
That Tent

Perfect for fans of: confident, ambitious folk music, sung by someone’s who way more sophisticated (and talented) than any 22-year-old should be

Friday, 6:40-7:30
The Great Taste Lounge

Perfect for fans of: genuine, occasionally raucous pop-rock songs about how great love is, and how much love f*cking sucks

Big Freedia
Saturday, 3:15-4 a.m.
The Other Tent

Perfect for fans of: ASS SHAKING

Saturday, 3:30-4:45
This Tent

Perfect for fans of: wiggly, audacious instrumentals led by one hell of a drummer

Khaira Arby & Her Band
Saturday, 3:45-5
The Other Tent

Perfect for fans of: Afropop and the blues, as performed by a Sahara Desert–born diva and her ridiculously tight rhythm section and spitfire guitarists

The Stooges Brass Band
Saturday, 9:20-10:10
Great Taste Lounge

Perfect for fans of: Treme

We Are Augustines
Saturday, 10:40-11:30
The Great Taste Lounge

Perfect for fans of: Arcade Fire (think epic indie rock)

Kurt Vile and the Violators
Sunday, 5-6:15
That Tent

Perfect for fans of: hazy folk-rock/hair blowing in the breeze

The War on Drugs
Sunday, 3:30-4:30
This Tent

Perfect for fans of: listening to Tom Petty while spinning around in circles

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