25 Things Axl Rose Has Held Over 25 Years Of ‘Appetite For Destruction’

By 07.21.12

It was 25 years ago today that Axl Rose came out to play…and f*ck and scream and do all the things that make Axl Rose Axl Rose on Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, one of the greatest musical debuts of all-time. (Check out Big Daddy Drew’s piece on Deadspin for reasons why.)

In the two and a half decades since Appetite was released, Rose has accomplished a lot: sold millions of records, put out a song called “Right Next Door to Hell” that should have been awful but was actually great, attacked fans who taped his performances, not released an album for 15 years, and became one of the most fascinating, yet revolting rock ‘n’ roll frontmen ever. He’s also held a lot of things. I mean, A LOT of things.

Here are 25 things Axl Rose has held over the past 25 years.

(All images via F*ck Yeah Axl Rose and Laura Palmer Walks with Me)

Spotted Dick


Mic Stand




Jean Jacket

Red Solo Cup

Bottle of Booze

Duff McKagan

Beer Bottle

Coke Can, Vol. 1

Coke Can, Vol. 2

Coke Can, Vol. 3

His Crotch

His Pockets

It In (it looks like he has to poop)

Plastic Cup of Booze


Peep Hole




Leather Jacket

Not Holding My Emotions In Check

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