Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup. It’s called Final Track, and we’ll count off a few songs released during the week that are worth giving a listen to. (Banner via)

Today, we’ve got selections from the Knife, Pusha T, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.

“Full of Fire” by the Knife

It’s not every band you’d watch a ten-minute “short film” for. The Knife isn’t every band, though, which is probably a good thing, considering how brilliantly f*cked up they are. “Full of Fire” is our first listen from Shaking the Habitual, the unsettling Swedish group’s first album in seven years, and it’s just as ominously layered with dark synths and fuzz and impossible to figure out as ever. It’s confrontational, and you don’t want to turn away.

“Running Out the Clock” by “Bob Dylan”

Everyone knows about Bob Dylan’s rivalry with Beyoncé, right? Right. Well, apparently, she’s been replaced, or at least one-upped, by Dylan for the Super Bowl, who will play a long-lost cut, “Running Out the Clock,” during the big game this Sunday. (If only Tim Heidecker’s fantasies actually did come true.)

“In Love Dying” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The sixth installment of the Coachella headliners Single Series, “In Love Dying” is eight minutes of the Chili Peppers at their least California rock and most experimental (for them, at least).

“Heaven” by Depeche Mode

The blues and The Tree of Life, as interpreted by Depeche Mode.

“28 Bars of Kane” by Big Daddy Kane (Prod. by DJ Premier)

For more, check out the Smoking Section.

“Revolution” by Pusha T

Earlier in the week, Pusha T released a new mixtape, Wrath of Caine, much of which had already leaked, including tracks with Rick Ross by and production by Kanye, in support of his upcoming Def Jam debut later in the year. Here’s the looping “Revolution,” produced by the Neptunes.

“Doobie” by M.I.A.

Judge for yourself whether it’s “too positive.”

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