How To Dress Well’s ‘Can’t You Tell’ Is A Sex-Positive Sex Jam

By: 09.19.16

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After saying “What’s Up” on his previous single, Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well, continues the promotion of his forthcoming fourth studio album, Care, with “Can’t You Tell,” a self-described “consent pop song.”

“Can’t You Tell” builds on the bright pop sound of “What’s Up” and turns it up a notch with seductive, yet respectful lyrics. Krell directly tells his object of affection he wants to take them “right there,” but only when they’re ready. With his joyful voice and lyrics like “when you’re talking, I could listen all day,” it’s obvious he’s uncontrollably in love and can hardly hold back. and it’s unlikely Krell will have to wait long because lines like “love my hands running down your spine/ pulling on my shoulders when I kiss your thighs” would make anyone weak in the knees.

Watch a spirited live performance of “Can’t You Tell” at KCRW below to get a taste of How To Dress Well’s scheduled live tour in promotion of Care.

Care is due for release on September 23 via Domino Records. From what we’ve heard so far, the album sounds like bright, pop fun. It’s nice to hear Krell letting go of the sadness in some of his previous work. Happiness suits him — and his music — well.

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