In Case You Missed It Live Last Night, Here's Jay-Z's SXSW Show


As we told you he would last week, Jay-Z did a show last night at SXSW for what had to be the whitest live audience to ever see a Jay-Z show — one that was sponsored by American Express and streamed live on the internet by YouTube. If YouTube’s stats are to be believed, over 16 million people watched the feed — a staggering number that probably contributed to issues with the stream some people had last night, based on the social media bitching I saw.

Though the official YouTube playback of the hour-long show doesn’t appear to have been released yet, others have grabbed it and stuck it into video players (SURPRISE!), so enjoy the show, in two parts, below.

Jigga SXSW Part 1 by YardieGoals

Jigga SXSW Part 2 by YardieGoals

(Videos via HipHopDX)

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