We Got You A Present For Your 19th Birthday, Justin Bieber!

03.01.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

If you don’t have a teenage girl in your life, you might not know that today is Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday. Happy Birthday, Justin!

To celebrate the occasion, we wanted to get Justin something nice, so this post is to inform him that — since his latest one was vilified so viciously — we’ve found a hat that we’d like to purchase for him. Specifically, it’s the flat-brimmed Yankees hat above, the hat of choice of young, twatty, cheesedicky swaggy bros all across the land. I can’t think of anything more meant to be than Justin Bieber in a flat-brimmed Yankees cap. And, of course, we’ll leave the stickers on for you, bro! Get at us so we can get this to you, stat!

Oh, and one last thing, stop being such a crackhead and put some goddamn clothes on, kid. Jesus.

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