This Label’s Former Intern Became One Of Its Stars Almost By Accident

04.20.17 5 months ago

Katie Von Schleicher was an intern at Ba Da Bing records when her boss invited her to make a cassette that the label would put out — and she more than took him up on the offer. After painstakingly putting together a self-produced, self-engineered mixtape ingeniously titled Bleaksploitation, Von Schleicher garnered enough interest in the project to justify releasing the album on vinyl. Not too shabby for an intern making good on a favor from her boss.

Spurred on by that initial success, Katie is now releasing her official debut, Sh*tty Hits via the label where she used to work, and today she’s shared the lead single, a soaring, scratchy anthem called “Paranoia” that floats through about five different phases before settling in a shimmering blues-rock groove. It’s full of doomsday euphoria that she twists into a warped, classic rock spiral, then sends it shooting back toward the light.

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