Kyle Andrews’ ‘Lazer Tag With Imaginary Friends’ Is Pretty Great


I’ve been following Kyle Andrews’ career since falling hard for his song “Bombs Away” — also known as the Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos theme song — a couple of years back. He’s got a new album being released on August 16 called Robot Learn Love and the video for the record’s first single, “Lazer Tag,” shows real life morphing with life inside a video game — something that seems to be a popular music video trend these days — and features Andrews and other humanoid robots in a lazer gun fight. What’s not to love?

To top it off, the song is pretty damn grabbing as well. It’s been described by a writer in Nashville, where Andrews is based, as “an odoriferous pop-based potential summer jam built from strapping analog synths that hurtles a galaxy of melodies with an electro-funk monkey gnawing at its back.” Yeah, what he said — that sounds about right!

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