Look Kids! New Skrillex!

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Unless Skrillex is sending Kramer into convulsions or cooking up a mean stir fry on Tumblr he/it doesn’t really do it for me. I’m more of an M83 and a relaxing bath sort of guy. But I get that the kids like it and that Skrillex is a thing now so I’m not going to shy away from sharing his new video to “Bangarang.”

It’s actually highly more listenable than I thought it would be going into it. And there’s no denying the visual effects and production quality. The message it sends to the Skrillex-obsessed impressionable youths out there will probably cause some backlash, but luckily I don’t give a sh*t about that and elaborate ice cream truck hijackings at the hands of kids is undeniably watchable.

Video after the jump. Spoiler Alert: Skrillex himself doesn’t show up at the midway point to whip up a falafel for everyone. Could have sworn it was coming.

YouTube via The Daily What

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