New Tyler, The Creator Video Features Creepy Stalking, Panty-Sniffing


When we last checked in on possible psychopath Tyler, the Creator, he was getting arrested outside a Los Angeles-area high school on the day his new record dropped. To be honest, we’ve been doing our best to ignore him, as his act is growing a little, well, tired. But he’s still out there, doing his thing, being totally unintentionally controversial and all, releasing a new video about, as Carles at Hipster Runoff interpreted it, “murdering a female.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but the video for “She” — the closest thing to a love song we’ll probably ever see from Tyler and Odd Future — is still creepy as hell, with Tyler breaking into a girl’s room while she’s sleeping to lurk over her and sniff the panties in her underwear drawer as Odd Future’s Frank Ocean croons. Naturally, the girl being stalked falls for Tyler in the end because, really, what girl wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, Tyler has also started to become involved in a Twitter beef with Chris Brown, which has the potential for blossoming into on of the great Twitter beefs of all-time. Although choosing a side will be tough — it’s like trying to pick between the Miami Heat or the Dallas Cowboys if they played each other in the same sport.

Who ya got?!

(via Hipster Runoff)

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