Watch Nick Cannon Ether Lil Dicky On ‘Wild N Out’ With A Scorching Iggy Azalea Line

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Nick Cannon has a show on MTV, did you know that? I did not know that, but apparently he does, and it’s called Wild ‘N Out and it features a segment where Cannon and his guests engage in the storied historical hip-hop tradition known as the rap battle.

As the good dudes over at BroBible point outhe segment from last week featured Lil Dicky, and this particular rap battle had a stinging conclusion, one that begrudgingly makes me stand all the way up out of my seat and do a slow clap for Cannon.

Basically, the respective crews go through a bunch of lines lovingly clowning each other as a lead-up to the final showdown between Cannon and Lil Dicky. Dicky goes first, and Cannon reacts with perfect theatric sensibility, pretending to be extremely hurt by lines like “Then I saw Nick Cannon / And I realized / Talent didn’t matter.” Close, but no cigar. This guy does have his own show you know.

Here’s where it gets good. Cannon begins to rap about Lil Dicky, gaining steam, calling Dicky’s bars torture (not off base), predicts vultures (for Lil Dicky’s imminent death), and then goes in:

I’m tired of you and Iggy Azalea f*cking up our culture.

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