Nigel D.’s Super Bowl Night (Jeezy Super Bowl Party & Diddy Video Shoot)

By 02.04.14


I had an eventful Super Bowl night in the city so I decided to share a few pictures with the RealTalkNY fam.


Started off the night at Young Jeezy’s Super Bowl viewing party sponsored by Avion Tequila.


A few homies were also in the building, Lowkey, Kaz & Blogxilla.


Along with the free Tequila all night there was catered food. All I ask for from a Super Bowl party is a big tv, good food and strong drinks, preferably free. All my requirements were met, now it was time to hopefully watch a great game.


Troy Ave and his manager Hovain stopped through. The matching camouflage was not planned. You know Brooklyn just stays ready for war.


I was rooting for the Broncos and as we all saw things got ugly early. These three drinks were all mine, it was a long night. The Avion Tequila helped dull the pain.


With the game getting ugly it was time to get more drinks and take some pics.


At this point you can see how bad the score was, I had to step things up and start taking shots.


Looking faded with one of my homegirls.


Looking even more faded with Teyana Taylor.


The bosses Karen Civil and Rob Hill Sr. I was trying to make Rob Hill Sr. tweet something out of character but he wasn’t with it lol.

After Jeezy’s party I took a stretch limo over to this Hennessy party. I wasn’t sure I was going to get in since I wasn’t on the list and had 2 bottles of Avion on me that I got as a gift. Some how I still managed to get in with 2 bottles in my pockets and watched Kelly Rowland perform.

Kelly Rowland decided to bring out Fantasaia for a quick appearance. Nas was up next to perform but I was out of it and ready to go home.


Ran into Cyn Santana and Erica Mena on the way out looking beautiful. I offered them both Chipotle. It looked like my next stop would be home but then I ran into Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow.


Next thing you know I’m out in Harlem for a Diddy video shoot with JD and Bow Wow, furs everywhere.



Looks like over the weekend Furs officially came back.

Footage from Diddy’s video shoot. Looks like Diddy has a project on the way…

After the video shoot we ended up hitting Marquee.

They were trying to bring, “Liv On Sunday,” to NYC, which I don’t think can be done. Drake started DJing for a while, he might need some work tho. And that wraps up another night in the life…

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