The Game Paid For Two Random Fans To Join Him On His Summer Vacation In Cabo

By 07.31.13

The gangs all here !!!! @viet_dude & @instayleen in my suite koolin’ !!!!! We bout to get some food & turn up at the bar…… Too bad I couldnt bring all 1.1 million of my followers…. Fuck that would be dope !!!! Oh well…. Stay tuned… I do shit like this all the time. My heart is bigger than average…. Love.
The Game

In a nice gesture, The Game, paid for two of his Instagram followers to meet him in Cabo. Check the slideshow for pictures from the trip.

Dream Big – The Game

“Somethings I appreciate more than others.” – The Game

I’m bout my kids. PERIOD. – The Game

ATTENTION: Instead of bringing 1 person to Cabo for a day tomorrow… were bringing 2 lucky fans !!!!!!! So FOLLOW @leauxsteez NOW & put where your from & say “Bring me to Cabo fool”…… Yep, its that simple & were going to pick 2 winners & book tickets over night & see ya tomorrow…. #VivaMexico
– The Game

Contest announcement.

This is @instayleen taking over the Games phone!!! For all you who said this wasn’t real, well this is as real as it gets!!!! We’re in Cabo all the way from Gardena!!!!

1st we ran out of Don Julio…. Then we ran out of Jose Cuervo 1800 & now its time to do these Corona bombs wit @basiclivingice ha ha ha…… They have no idea who theyre drinking with now…. Ice is a problem lol #vivamexico #turnup #ilovemyfans #ChillWithTheGAmeContest #CantBelieveIspent5kOnStrangers #OhWellWeFriendsForeverNow #TeamThrowUo
– The Game

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