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Vikings safety Darren Sharper has been in the league for ages now, but he thinks he’s just as good as ever.

Could this be Sharper’s last year? No, he said. Sharper… said he believes he is playing better than ever.

“I’m like a fine wine, a Cabernet-Merlot-Shiraz blend,” he said. “It can do a lot of things. It’s gets better as you open it up and let it get out there and air out, filtrate, do all those things. I don’t even need a decanter, just let me go out there and run. Pour me in your mouth, suck it up and enjoy the run.

Well, that’s certainly a vivid metaphor.  So how are teams going to solve him this season?  Hmmm.

Oh no!  Be careful, Darren!  The Packers have a sommelier on the sidelines!  And he’s gay!!!

(thanks to Weed Against Speed)

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