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When the Saints' Hollis Thomas first got suspended for steroid use and claimed the positive test was for his asthma medication, I actually came out in defense of Thomas, just because it's usually a safe bet that the NFL is acting like a bunch of red-tape-adoring bureaucrats. But Steroid Nation digs a little bit deeper and contends that Thomas tested positive for Clenbuterol, which was, indeed, developed for treating respiratory diseases. FOR HORSES.

And it looks like Thomas, depending on his suppliers, may be one lucky thoroughbred. Steroid Nation points out this FDA warning:

FDA has become aware of the deaths of several horses in the State of Louisiana associated with the use of a product labeled as “Clenbuterol HCL.”  Horse owners and veterinarians should be aware that there are no generic clenbuterol-containing products approved for animals.

And another report on deaths of Louisiana horses:

Two sources have verified that there have been an undetermined number of deaths in Louisiana since last week from an illegal clenbuterol product. One report was that six horses are known dead, and approximately 10 more have been severely affected by the illegal product. Reportedly deaths have occurred with only one dose.

So… yeah. Illegal, deadly horse steroids. Totally worth it to shore up the Saints' run defense. Hollis Thomas is so selfless that way. Kinda like me. I don't write all these posts on meth just because I like the drug… or do I?

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