01.10.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Javon Walker is apparently getting some heat for being too upset to attend Darrent Williams's funeral following his New Year's Eve murder… but then not being too upset to go to Vegas.

Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker was "just trying to get away from Denver for a little bit" when he went night-clubbing in Las Vegas last week, team sources told the Rocky Mountain News. A sighting of Walker at Tryst (Wynn) on Thursday raised some eyebrows. Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said Walker was unable to attend teammate Darrent Williams'funeral in Texas because he was "devastated" and "going through some heavy grief right now." Williams reportedly died in Walker's arms in a limo after a New Year's Eve drive-by shooting in Denver.

If you're one of the people begrudging Javon Walker a little time in Vegas after one of his good friends bled to death in his arms, make yourself a fresh pot of coffee. Then dump it on your genitals, you asshole.

Not that I'm some kind of expert on friends dying young, but I've got more experience than most people my age. And one of the best, most cathartic ways of dealing with the death is going out and feeling young and alive. Getting drunk is usually part of that, and if you can find a sympathetic pair of tits to stick in your face, all the better. It's what Darrent would have wanted.

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