Kate Upton Completely Nude In Muse Magazine, Because God Loves Us

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02.24.12 17 Comments

Before this morning, Muse magazine greatest contribution to my life had been Lindsay Lohan’s greasy hipster freckles and cigarette orgy photoshoot. Also before this morning, the best thing a phony Marilyn Monroe spread had contributed was … well, every other Lindsay Lohan photoshoot.

This morning, everything changed.

Behold, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and With Leather cultural icon Kate f’ing Upton channeling Marilyn Monroe (and a heavy dose of retro eyebrows) in Muse. In the process, she finds a way to wear less than a swimsuit and complete the artsiest spread she’s pulled outside of a pair of Guess jeans.

We’re about a month from Terry Richardson stumbling upon a pic and deciding to shoot her against stark white with eight garden hoses spraying her in the face. Enjoy Art Kate while you can. (And click the pics to make them as big as I could find.)

[h/t to Upstate Underdog, photos via Kate Upton Experience]

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