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Former Nationals outfielder Lastings Milledge is currently rotting away in AAA Syracuse, but he was with the big club long enough to get his name on the All-Star ballot for the National League. Sons of Sam Horn and Bootlegger Sports both have started campaigns to get Milledge into the All-Star game. So how did it all go wrong for Milledge, WaPo?

To understand where things derailed, you have to trace back to the spring, when Manny Acta named Milledge as Washington’s leadoff hitter and everyday centerfielder. In retrospect, Milledge received a role that proved too difficult for him. Demoting Milledge [gave him] what those in Washington’s front office describe as a wake-up call; for the first time as a pro, Milledge would have to earn his way back.

Milledge’s inherited cause is helped by the fact that Boston fans may be asked to select all-Washington players to represent the National League, which wouldn’t be terribly inappropriate, seeing as that team is called the Nationals, arguably the worst nickname in sports. We get it, you’re the capital of America. Have you no other identity to share with us? I bet the Washington Homeless would have had some great uniforms, even though none of them would have matched.

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