04.08.07 11 years ago

The City of Chicago is hoping to host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, creating a common goal for the two of the most incorruptible institutions in the world, the Chicago City Council and the International Olympic Committee.  What's that old grammatical adage, "cooperation is always positive, collaboration is positive except in wartime (working with the enemy), and collusion is always negative (working together in secret for a dishonest purpose)."  Guess which one the City Council will employ?

The USOC wants the city to have a financial stake, too. The City Council overwhelmingly backed a $500 million guarantee that puts taxpayers on the hook if the games come to Chicago and lose money.

Remind me not to live in Chi-town or Cook County between 2014 to whenever that tax debt is remunerated.  Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that oodles of money will change hands, but whether that cash will find its way into the right hands is another story.  The fine people on these committees represent the best the nation and the world have to offer in "creative accounting", and if there is one thing certain Chicagoans take pride in more than team affiliations and food, it's knowing how to get their "percentage".  Who will learn more from whom?  Only time will tell.

I don't where Sarah Spain will be then (my guess is a starring role in Speed 6: The Hovercraft Throttle), and I don't know where I'll be, but I'm formally offering my escort duties to the greatest Summer Olympic event, the Steeplechase.  Bet heavy on the Kenyans. -KD   

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