Peyton Manning Covered ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ Reportedly Shot Man Just To Watch Him Die

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Have you ever wanted to see Peyton Manning sing country music? More specifically, have you ever wanted to see Peyton Manning in a suit, hands in his pockets, awkwardly covering Johnny Cash? TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY, FOLKS.

A picture from singer Jake Owen’s Twitter tells the full hand-pocketed glory:

Nothing says gritty, working-man, prison blues like a well-dressed millionaire, am I right folks?

(In all seriousness, the performance was part of the Celebration of Caring charity event to benefit the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent, so I won’t throw any sincere shade at Peyton or Dick Whitman or whatever he’s going for here. Besides, dude’s probably still got more rhythm than me.)

(Nah I could murder this song at karaoke.)
(You’re a good dude, Peyton Manning.)

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