Will LeBron Pick The Knicks’ Next GM?

05.27.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

In the NBA’s race to kiss the ass of impending free agent LeBron James, the New York Knicks might be willing to let Bron-Bron give some input into their next selection of general manager. I’m no expert, but I don’t expect it to be Delonte West.

Knicks senior vice president of basketball operations Glen Grunwald, a leftover from the Isiah Thomas regime, has one year left on his contract, but [Knicks president Donnie] Walsh does not appear to view him as his ultimate successor.

James could have major input in that decision if he is here, but former Warriors GM Chris Mullin, who is tight with Walsh from their Indiana days, seems a natural fit and long has been considered a candidate to be Walsh’s heir apparent. –NY Post.

So, LeBron might have input but Chris Mullin will probably get the job anyway. Thanks for clearing that up, New York Post. And how many 69-year-old guys out there go by “Donnie?” I guess the ones that live in New York and run the Knicks.

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