Crime Spree

One Bad Acid Trip Led To A Man Going On A Week-Long Crime Spree That Ended At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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Roy, Washington recently experienced a crime spree where a man on acid broke into homes, requesting sandwiches and rides to McDonald's.

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So About That Time Rupert Grint Watched Shia LaBeouf Drop Acid

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Everyone's favorite ginger watched He Who Has No Fame drop acid, but of course that's not all there is to the story.

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Shia LaBeouf Takes Acid And Dies For Love In ‘Charlie Countryman’

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Shia LaBeouf stars alongside Evan Rachel Wood in a romantic comedy that centers around acid and death. So that sounds interesting.


Teen Tripping On Acid Claims To Be God, Asks Cops To Cut His Penis Off

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The teen who tripped on acid and claimed to be God has Florida written all over it.

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The Flaming Lips Explore What It’s Like To Work At NASA On Acid


When The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt announced that they'd be teaming up to produce an EP, it didn't take a rocket scientist (no pun intended) to predict that the collaboration would result in something trippy.



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Some French site run by the French in French for French people has a new teaser (see it here) for Wall-E, the upcoming Pixar flick.

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